Top Data Rooms for Secure and Effective Data Management

Enterprise data management is the management, storage, processing, and delivery of various documents and other types of content throughout the enterprise. Virtual data rooms automate and simplify this process. Here is more about it.

Digital data room: how to organize data management effectively?

Any data management system is an automated multi-user platform that accompanies managing the work of an organization to ensure that this organization performs its functions. However, corporate information usually does not have a clear and uniform structure for all organizations – it can be files of various formats, electronic documents with different sets of fields, as well as other materials that are used in the work of the company. Thus, data rooms are faced with managing and ensuring the availability of this heterogeneous information.

Another critical aspect of the data room work is the differentiation of access to information. Some materials may be confidential or contain commercially important information that should not fall into the wrong hands. The classical way of organizing the storage of information and access to it does not allow sufficient delimitation of rights – as a rule, if access delimitation is present, then at the level of sufficiently large user groups.

As a rule, virtual data rooms solve the following tasks:

    • document management – export, import, version control, security, and access control;
    • management of document templates – the unification of documents used in corporate workflow;
    • archive management – long-term archiving, including the automation of retention policies in accordance with business objectives;
    • management of workflows (workflow) and document flows (doc flow) – support for business processes: content transfer along specified routes, approval, assignment of tasks, status changes, logging changes, and creating logs;
    • knowledge management – support for systems for the accumulation, structuring, and delivery of business-relevant information;
    • document-oriented interaction and collaboration – sharing documents by users and supporting project teams.

The best data room options for secure document management

Cloud-based data rooms will allow you to build a comprehensive information system for managing the activities of any enterprise. This innovative solution uses an integrated approach to business management, the best international practices, and many years of domestic practice, guaranteeing customization flexibility, ease of use, and a significant economic effect. The data room solution line covers all major industries, has a wide range of functions and software tools, and is suitable for enterprises of any size.

So, the global IT market presents the following data room solutions that will help you to organize secure collaboration on sensitive data:

      • Citrix
      • Ansarada
      • Intralinks
      • iDeals
      • SecureDocs
      • BrainLoop
      • Firmex
      • Onehub
      • Merill
      • Box.

These software vendors allow you to automate the main business processes, monitor key performance indicators of the enterprise, organize the interaction of services and departments, coordinate the activities of production departments, and evaluate the performance of the enterprise, individual departments, and personnel.

An improved technological platform and a system of applied solutions built on it allow efficient management and accounting at any enterprise, regardless of its type of activity, branching structure, and the number of employees. The manager and responsible persons have at their disposal the entire set of tools for management, operations, accounting, and reporting in full compliance with applicable law and the real needs of the business, as well as built-in advanced business intelligence tools.